Villages of Brindol

Brindol is a powerful City-State and has several client villages under it’s dominion.

Lumber village just at the Marth Forest.

Mining village in the Giantshield Mountains. It was the center of ore collection for the Miner’s Guild until it was recently acquired by the Kulkor Zhul. It is now inhabited primarily by Kobolds.

River Town that transports the goods from Marthron and Redrock down River.
It’s ownership was previously split between the Mining and Forestry guilds. With the disappearance of the lumberjacks, it is now split between members of the mining guild and several members of the Redfur tribe.

Farm community center.

Nimon Gap
Bridge Town with some mining.

Crossroads trade town.

Dauth and Prosser
Southern Ranch villages.

Drellin’s Ferry
Old trade hub on the river.

Villages of Brindol

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