There are several para-military groups which operate in the Elsyr Vale.

The Rhestarhod are inheritors of the ancient knighthood of fallen Rhest. They are not mercenaries persay, more of Knight errants with no home to return to. Their displacement has left them migratory and largely destitute. Few of them own anything beyond their horse and harness.
They wear plain armour with green and gold surcoats. They are all heavey cavalry.
Their symbol is a white horse head on a field of green trimmed with gold.

The Vermilion Blades are brutally effective mercenaries, noted for their ruthlessness. They have recently been hired by Brindol to keep their client villages (and their taxes) safe.
They wear armour enameled a dark red, and are primarily medium cavalry.
Their symbol is a red sword point down, dripping, on a black field.

The Swords of the Night Sky are sellswords from Aislenloft, a bleak fae realm with ties to the Witchwood. They are capricious, cunning, and mystically puissant. They seal each of their contracts with unbreakable pacts, binding both parties against betrayal and deception.
They wear armour made of frozen tears and wield glinting blades tempered with fear and sorrow. Classifying them using mundane military terminology would be pointless.
Their symbol is a trio midnight blue blades point up on a black field trimmed in pale silver.

The Valsorum are a migratory Arkhosian Clan. Their honour is impeccable and their skill superlative, although they are frequently difficult to contact, much less hire. They take only jobs that they consider a true challenge, and even then, their potential employer must pass standards of virtue hearkening to their fallen empire.
Their armour is often worked in scale motifs, and are coloured to the individual. Their weapons are all heirlooms of ancestors long reduced to dust and memory. They function as long range heavey infantry.
Their symbol is the Arkhosian characters for “Never” and “Eternally” in black on an ochre banner.

Kulkor Khayardin are Dhakathi (Goblinoids). That having been said, they are trustworthy, and not excessively brutal off the field. They will not take contracts against other Dakathi, but otherwise will serve the highest bidder in a military capacity. Knowing they are unpopular in most places they travel, they often set up small outposts to trade from and store food so they need not live off the land or largess of their employers. They fight in formation with axe, hammer, or mace; and shield, clad in well kept mail. They are effective and efficient medium infantry.
They use the title of their unit in black on a gold trimmed red field as their crest.

The Sisterhood of the Ebon Viper are notable for two reasons. First, they are composed entirely of females, although many would shudder to use the word women. Secondly, they are a largely monsterous band. Orcs, Shifters, Ogres, and more find their home here. If the Kulkor are distrusted and disliked, these warriors are out right hated and feared. Rumours abound that they worship Zehir and bath in poison mixed with the blood of any male they capture. They fight more as a mob than as a military unit, wielding whatever weapons they have stolen or scavenged and wearing piecemeal armour, if any at all.
A black snake, often on a green or yellow backing is considered their mark.


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