Knights of Brindol

Once Brindol’s Monarch was served by a cadre of loyal and fearless knights. These brave men and women roamed the land and city, enforcing justice and protecting the innocent. They commanded the men-at-arms of the city in times of duress, and were a well regarded order.

Those days are no more. In the wake of Brindol’s change from monarchy to oligarchy, the knights were all but disbanded. The council, however, quickly suffered a coup from their hired mercenaries, and appealed to the remnant Knights to restore order. The Knights obliged. In exchange for doing so, they took the duties of city watch, autonomous of the council in most every way.

In the present day, all members of the City Watch who hold any rank above Guard have been initiated into the Knighthood, a matter the watch does not bother the council with.

The Knights are, in ideal circumstances commanded by a single Knight Master, who fills the role of Captain of the Guard, who is nominated by popular ascent from the people of Brindol. This person is directly assisted by the Knight Commandant, who is commonly called Lieutenant and is the most senior of the Knights. Below this are the three Knight Stewards, Sergeants of the Watch who each have responsibility for leading one of the city’s armies, as they are. In effect they divide the protectorship of the city into 3 shifts. The Morning, Evening, and Night watches. Those who are knights, but do not hold a position within the watch itself are addressed with the title Corporal by the rest of the guards.

Knight Master: Vacant
Knight Commandant: Luciel Starborne
Knight Stewards: Verner Langdock, Meredith Breis

The Knight Master and one of the Knight Stewards were recently slain investigating a recent burgeoning of disappearances in the city, especially amongst the sewer workers.

Knights of Brindol

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