Knights of Elsyr

Mountaineering 101
Wherein the Knights Discover a Sword Under some Stones

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Short sum up involves friendly discourse with the new proprietors of the mines, discovery of an already existent war effort, some particularly unpleasant days spent hiking the peaks, giant ruins, a brief encounter with another group of unrelated explorers, and finally a descent into a less than pleasant place with success at a cost.

Ah the Great Outdoors
Wherein the party parties with some real party animals

Rodentkind, of the largely humanoid variety, safely extracted from the sewers, the Knights turn their attention to the supply problems Brindol doesn’t quite know it has yet. The heads of the different Guilds in the city, constantly jockeying for power, do not well communicate to each other, and Sir Vincent has as yet kept the team’s presence occluded from his fellows. The loss of production in both iron and lumber, coupled with the raids on the southern ranches are known to only a select few. Prioress Brysis was made aware of some of the problems, especially in the undercity, and has set in motion a plan to restore some semblance of safety and order.
Domestic matters in a state relative stability, the Knights depart for Elsyrcross. Every caution is taken against a chance encounter with the Vermilion Blades, as there is no love loss between the two groups. So, with subtlety, taking hidden and dweomered roads, the journey is done. The community itself is in a state of mild disarray. Half-man beasts stalk the wooded side of town, while the human inhabitants cower on the mountain side. Brief questioning brings to light that the Redfur have made residence in the portion of town formerly belonging to the lumberjacks, who have been missing for some time.
Undaunted, the heroes cross the bridge and stride boldly into the common house beneath the trees. Inside they are greeted with displays of raucous excess and barbarity. At least two dozen creatures, humanoid, but with the bearing and mismatched traits reminiscent of lupines are engaged in inebriated tests of strength, skill, or endurance. There three or so of them engage in a vicious brawl, tooth and claw, that rolls through the central fire pit. Here One female of the breed is demonstrating her dancing skills, while onlookers hurl knives at her. Off to one side it seems a couple had not bothered to seek privacy when they decided to ensure the next generation of their kind. The air was thick with the distinct scent of sweat, spilled meade, and burned fur. Into this din the Knights enthusiastically made themselves at home, joining in the knife throwing, wrestling, and boasting. They caroused long and hard, and well into the night, barely noticing when a normal seeming human woman took place behind the bar. Near about midnight, the din abated, and the still night was pierced by a distant howl. Then another, louder, closer. With the third, whatever massive beast had made the noise must have been upon the building itself. The doors flung open and then entered a great Lupine creature. Easily a head taller than a man, built humanoid, but covered in russet fur and with the powerful jaws of a wolf upon it’s shoulders. It stalked into the common room, and all remained silent until it had reached a great seat that had been kept clear, especially for it. Lifting a drinking horn that the human lady had produced for it, it let out a final great howl, that all within returned. The beast then shifted, becoming more human, male, powerfully built, but not losing the predatory gleam in his eye. Introductions were made as the were-wolf idly stroked the human woman(who now sat at the base of his chair)‘s hair.
Although the Redfur felt no sorrow at the lumberjack’s disappearance, they claimed no fore knowledge or part in it. A lack of interest in fully pillaging the town was also established. Although great amusement at the human’s terrified nature was shared by all. The werewolf noted that woods were no longer safe for those not of his pack, but if a favour was done, the location and gifting of a sword that was the bane of his kind, he was sure his father would let them take a look around at least. Agreement was made, and the night resumed it festivities.
Bleary eyed and exhausted from the previous spectacle, the Knights rose and attempted to reconcile with the other half of the community. Catching one of their new friends startling a man trying to get water from the river. It would be a difficult day indeed. Some inquiry later, and several assurances that they had not, in fact, become were-beasts, brought some news. There had always been some tension between the miner and lumber-mill side of town, and the replacement of the foresters with Shifters had only aggravated rather than birthed it. A particularly vile specimen of foremen from the Miner’s guild was the de facto ruler of this side of town, and engaged in flagrant abuses under the nose of his masters. His information was useful, and let the Knights know that the most recent shipment of ore from the mines was at least a month over due. They resolved to deal with him later, but for now, had to make haste up the mountain, to Redrock.

That not so Fresh Smell
Wherein the party discovers, Brindol stinks.

The Knights arrived in Brindol, and quickly make audience with Sir Vincent who is to be their liaison with the 13. Upon hearing of the problems currently facing the largely unsuspecting city, they meet with Master Brandis of the merchant guild, who arranges for life to be somewhat less expensive for them, and Sergeant of the watch Verner, who informs them of the recent tragedy that befell the late Captain of the Guard.
This, coupled with several recent disappearances and the sealing of the Sewers, convinces them of the first area requiring their attention.
Their trip into fetid undercity is less than pleasant. Pestilence and Plague await around every turn, as do vermin which have grown to truely disturbing size. Travelling deep into the literal bowels of the city, a nest of Wererats and their flea infested spawn is discovered. Agents of peace they are, the Knights approach with caution and peaceful intent. With some skillful words, charity, and especially medical aid, the filthy and disease ridden villeins are befriended after a fashion. Lice infested blankets, and second hand goods of dubious source are made available to them.
Having enjoyed the rodenthrope’s hospitality, they continued deeper, finding an entrance to truely ancient ruins. As they crept through the dark, dankness, they noticed creatures, not living, yet far from quiet in death rising from the nether reaches. Although they could have easily avoided them, moved with compassion, they interceded, intent upon protecting their new friends from these unstilled cadavers. The battle atop the rotting scaffolding of the lower sewers was horrific. The monsters were able to dig into stone and wood as well as flesh with their desiccated claws, and moved with speed that bespoke a horrific hunger. Narrow footing over a pungent soup of human waste only added to the ambiance. With great effort the flesh eating corpses were either destroyed or sank to the bottom of the fetid depths.
Proceeding yet deeper, our heroes avoided more hungry dead, and numerous ancient and fell traps. Eventually hearing voices of the living, although they could never get close enough to make match face to voice. However, they did get close enough to be detected. A running and desperate race against the deathless denizens of the ruins unfolded, eventually terminating in a small cistern where it seemed all hope of escape would be extinguished. Battle was joined, and by luck and desperation the Knights broke through, at last making god their escape.
On their way out to resupply and gather reinforcement, they stopped at the Ratkind’s shanty, where the inhabitants begged them most shamelessly not to go, not to abandon them to the ravenous horrors below. Offer of every favour, appeals of their swarm of young, no attempt was beneath the desperate rats. The Knights were apparently unmoved by the vermin’s pleas, and left them there to the hunger in the dark, the sewer entrance sealed behind them as they departed.
After some time spent resting and resupplying, it was decided that the undercity would have to wait for another time, the matters of mining and logging still needed investigation and the sealed sewers would keep the menace contained for the time being. Some research was done into alternate avenues of approach to the ruins below and Master Brandis was approached to offer aid in securing the rodent populations safety. His plan was met with skepticism by the Knights, the majority of whom would rather have left the flea infested wretches locked in with the hungry dead than follow it. However, they were eventually shamed into action, over objections of impugned honour, and the filthy creatures were smuggled out of the city’s bowels.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Brindol

Wherein the heroic Knights began their trek to Brindol, and discover that not all is well on the way.

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