Knights of Elsyr

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Brindol


Wherein the heroic Knights began their trek to Brindol, and discover that not all is well on the way.


Vistra’s Scribbles:

So we decided that making the roads safer on the way to Brindel would be a better use of our time than the swamp. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten in Brindel. I mean, we had facts; raids, missing supplies, and basically lots of prep by someone else to take over. But we were still close to home; it shouldn’t be too bad right? Wrong. There was this inn, and I do mean was. There were things eating people inside it. Kobolds. Out back were some carrion feeders of the unclean sort. We take care of the rabble and find a survivor.

Now, in the high order of things, she is a criminal. But bandits rate low on my danger list when compared to SLAVERS. We tracked the slavers down and freed the people. We couldn’t quite tell who was doing the buying and to save the villagers we didn’t stay to find out. It was close, but we brought them home and set off again to Brindol. I hope we don’t get into too much trouble for showing up late….


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